Terms of Use


Any re-distribution without written consent is prohibited. If my work is found anywhere other than trusted sources, please contact me directly.

Some Assets are being sold in a variety of storefronts. Itchio, Patreon rewards, as well as through direct sales. No matter where you acquire my products, the following terms apply:

FREE Downloads are available for both Personal and Commercial Use without limitation, and credit is not required (But appreciated).

  • You can use the assets you purchased (or acquired through patronage) in a SINGLE PRODUCT. That means one video game, or one YouTube video, or whatever your product is (multiple teaser videos of a single video game or multiple tutorial videos for a single instructional course still count as one use). If you’d like to use the asset you purchased again in a second product, you’ll need to pay for it again.
  • The “product” in question MAY be a commercial product you charge money for.
  • This one-product limitation does not apply to assets listed as “free,” either to the general public or only to patrons. You can use those as many times as you like, even if you’re not a patron anymore.
  • You MAY edit and change the assets in any way you see fit. Please feel free to erase, move around, rotate, scribble on, or do whatever you want to my stuff. Recoloring, in particular, is an easy way for you to make it your own while still retaining the feel of the original.
  • You may NOT resell or redistribute my assets. Even if you recolor or change the assets in some way as mentioned previously, this still is not permitted (resizing them and cleaning up the pixels does not allow you to resell them). This includes NFTs. Putting my art in your NFTs is explicitly prohibited because it’s a form of reselling. No exceptions.
  • This license is transferable, but still usable in only a single product. So if you decide you don’t want to use them, you can give (not sell) them to someone else to use (please notify me), but you can’t then change your mind and use them anyway.
  • If you are a freelance artist, you may use/edit my assets to make original content for your clients, but you MUST purchase a new license every time you use it in this way since each purchase only facilitates a single end product (your client’s product).
  • If you’re an artist looking to SELL assets that are compatible with mine (like outfits for my Character Base), I’m probably cool with that but PLEASE get in touch with me first. There are some things I might not be OK with, so please just show me what you’re doing and get my approval before labeling something “Mana Seed” compatible (you’ll need to send me a download key and use an itchio embed for the compatible product). If you find someone selling an asset online advertised as Mana Seed compatible, and it’s not on this list, then that person has not cleared their product with me. Please do not give them any money.
  • Credit is not necessary, but always appreciated. 🙂
  • Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us: andrew [at] wevectr [dot] com.